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Wintertime is here, and when it snows your roof can accumulate the brunt of the snowfall. Letting the snow accumulate on your roof could be hazardous as it could damage the roof mainly due to its weight. During this period, it is important that you regularly remove the snow that has slowly amassed on the roof. Consider some of these approaches to remove snow safely from your roof.

As the winter continues, the snow builds up on your roof, which may cause it to flood your home as it melts. In this case, avoid flooding by regularly removing the snow from the roof. While doing so, you will be reducing its weight and the roof damage that it would have caused.

If you choose to remove the snow from your roof yourself, it is crucial that safety is key. If you are not comfortable getting on the roof, you should always contact a professional. After all safety precautions have been taken, you should avoid using metal shovels rather than plastic ones to ensure that your roof doesn’t get damaged or punctured. A snow rake can also be extremely helpful in covering more areas on the roof.

If your roof becomes damaged from the snow, you should contact a roofing professional immediately. American Restoration Water and Fire are IIRC certified in water mitigation and handling home flooding. Contact us today if your home has been damaged by flooding. Time is of the essence, and our team will work with you and your insurance company every step of the way.