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Our New Mexico weather has a mind of its own and it can drastically change, quickly. We don’t get a lot of hail, but sometimes when we do it can be damaging, and to more than just our vehicles. Hail damage can happen to your roof, and American Restoration Water & Fire is here to help you better understand and identify hail damage on the asphalt shingles on your roof and to know when to call in a professional roofing company.

Some things to consider that go along with hail are the conditions that a hailstorm brings like:

  1. Wind- the direction and speed
  2. Size– the size and density affect the degree of damage and can range from pea-sized hail to softball-sized hail.

But, what does it look like? Loss of granules from the shingles could expose roofing material underneath.

  1. Specs or pieces of your shingles that shine more than the rest.
  2. Damage that does not display a pattern, including random black spots.
  3. Soft patches
  4. Missing or lifted shingles

Those are all the typical ways to see hail damage, but one more than our technicians at American Restoration have been informed about is to check the metal around the exterior flashings on your roof. If it looks like the metal has several indents that shouldn’t be there, it’s time to call in your local roofing company. A lot of the time, your roof can be covered under homeowners insurance, and if the licensed roofing company states that you need a new roof because of hail damage, you will likely have to pay a deductible and insurance could cover the rest.

Roof damage leads to other issues, like water damage that can get worse the longer it is left unresolved. If you suspect your home has hail damage, don’t put off getting it fixed. If your ceiling already has water damage from a damaged roof, American Restoration Water & Fire will get it mitigated and your peace of mind restored in a timely manner!