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American Restoration Water & Fire  understands that you have better things to spend your hard-earned money on, but being proactive can save you money in the long run. If you have a home in New Mexico, it likely has a stucco finish. Stucco is typically used due to its fire resistance and attractive hues. Dependent on the thickness of the stucco coating, it can have a one-hour firewall rating, which indicates it can prevent the spread of a fire from one side of the wall to the other for at least an hour. Unfortunately, as the foundation settles, the stucco can begin to crack. Here are some ways to identify water intrusion in your stucco.

  • Cracks: Large cracks and sometimes even small hairline cracks mean that water can get in them.
  • Missing Pieces: Missing pieces of stucco should not be ignored, like small chips or large chunks.  If you find that your home has missing pieces, it’s a good idea to call a professional stucco company to come out and investigate the cause and repair it.
  • Damp Look: If you notice spots on your home that look damp a week after a recent rainstorm, water intrusion and damage could be the reason.
  • Cracks & Bubbles: Cracks and Bubbles along the bottom edge of your home means poor drainage and more than likely water damage.
  • Soft Drywall Around Windows: Does the area around your window feel soft? Your stucco damage may be more extensive than you thought. Soft drywall means that water is finding its way inside your home, which can lead to mold and more damage if not taken care of.

 If you find any of the issues above after you have inspected the exterior of your home, contact your local stucco repair company to begin the repair process and examine the stucco drainage.

American Restoration Water and Fire are available 24/7 to mitigate and repair any water damage on the interior of your home. We are knowledgeable in working directly with your insurance company to provide all the needed documentation for your repair. American Restoration knows how stressful dealing with water damage can be; that is why we make it easier! Contact us today