If you were having an addition put onto your home, would you want to work with several different companies that each specialized in only one aspect of construction, or one company that could do it all? For most people, the obvious answer is to work with just one contractor that can do all of the work. After all, the process is streamlined this way, you have one point of contact who handles all of the work and you don’t have to worry.

A major restoration project is the same as a major remodel – There are restoration companies that will just extract water and dry property, there are others that will pack out and clean contents, some that might just remediate mold. Then there are those, like American Restoration Water & Fire LLC, who will do it all – fire damage, water damage, contents pack in and pack outs, board ups, mold remediation and reconstruction. We employ plumbers, drywall workers, electricians and other subcontractors to complete any construction and restoration work needed, and we take full responsibility for the quality and workmanship.

In addition to a more streamlined, efficient return of the property to pre-loss condition, other benefits of working with a full-service company include:

  • A more streamlined insurance claims process.
  • Faster restoration of the property to pre-loss condition.
  • Working with just one project manager from start to finish.
  • Better communication from the initial assessment through job completion.

A fire or water damage situation in your home is already stressful enough. By offering all restoration and reconstruction services under one roof, we aim to make it less stressful. We see each and every job through from start to finish in a timely and professional manner. For more information on the value of a full-service restoration company, contact American Restoration Water & Fire LLC today.