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Buying a home is one of the more exciting parts of life, and when you have been searching for months, the exciting parts begin to wear off. But, just when you are about to give in and make an offer on a home you will make do with, the perfect one comes up: it meets your style, the layout is excellent, and the location is ideal. The only downside is, it has water damage. American Restoration Water & Fire have restored thousands of homes, and we know what you need to look out for. Before signing on the dotted line, here are some things to do before you buy it:

  • Schedule A Home Inspection: The home inspector can tell you where the water damage is coming from, how much water damage there is, if actions were taken to fix the problem and if the presence of mold exists.
  • Get an Estimate: American Restoration Water & Fire offers thorough estimates. Water Damage needs to be dealt with by the professionals that restore water-damaged homes every day, and we have some of the best restoration technicians in NM!
  • Submit your Bid: Often, the current homeowners are fully aware of the water damage and may have tried to remediate the issue but didn’t have the funds or know how to fix it appropriately. You can reduce your bid on the house for the cost of the repairs or work the repairs into the loan cost. Talk more with your mortgage lender or realtor about how to proceed
  • Shop Home Insurance Policies: It is ideal to look into more than just one company and find the policy that meets your needs, mainly when repairing water damage or future water damage. Becoming a homeowner means that you want to have whatever coverage you can at a reasonable price because you are responsible for the upkeep of all things! 

 American Restoration Water & Fire’s water damage team has seen firsthand the effect of water damage on homes. We strive to make the process as easy and stress-free as possible. We will even deal with and contact your insurance company. Getting you back in your home and back to having it the way you had it originally is our goal. Don’t stress about buying a home with water damage unless the experts tell you to! Most water damage can be restored and appear as though there was never any water damage at all.