Leaky pipes are a significant source of water waste for a household. The typical home can potentially lose anywhere between 2,000 and 20,000 gallons of water annually due to leaks! Now that New Mexicans are going about their spring cleaning projects, American Restoration Water & Fire LLC would like to take this opportunity to remind you to take a look at your supply pipes. Supply lines can create flooding dangers inside your home. Inspecting your plumbing fixtures helps prevent serious damage. Here’s what to look for when you conduct your whole-house check for leaks.

Toilet Piping Leaks. Toilet supply lines generally leak at the connections, at the tank or the valve. Usually, if there’s a leak, it can be fixed by tightening the fitting.

Washing Machine Pipeline. The plastic or rubber hoses that used to be frequently used, are no longer recommended. Rubber and plastic deteriorate and leave your home susceptible to leaking and flooding. If your supply hose is made of rubber or plastic, replace it with a braided stainless steel tube.

Kitchen Sink Water Lines. Your kitchen sink supply lines begin at a water supply tube that’s attached to the faucet. In most cases, if there’s a leak, the problem lies near the connections where the supply line attaches. Tightening the connections should fix the leak.

Periodically checking your supply lines in these areas of your home is essential if you want to save water and avoid indoor flooding. Although preventing flood damage is the easiest and best way to protect your home, at American Restoration, we are always ready to assist homeowners recover after flood damage has occurred. Contact us for fast and professional remediation service!