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Creating A Fire Escape Plan

Creating A Fire Escape Plan

The number of scorched homes we have seen here at American Restoration Water & Fire is exponential. Creating a fire escape plan is a very important thing for a family to sit down and put together. It is simple and easy to do, and the entire family will have the...
Fire Escape Plans! Keep your staff and family safe.

Fire Escape Plans! Keep your staff and family safe.

Having a fire escape plan for your home or business is crucial for fire safety. We here at American Restoration believe that fire danger should always be considered to protect your family/employees and their belongings. A properly developed and implemented plan will...

Teach Your Children What to do in Case of a Fire

It’s 2 am and you’re sound asleep when suddenly you’re awakened by the unwelcome shrill sound of your fire alarm. Half asleep, yet running on adrenaline, you inhale smoke and know you need to get out of the house! In this situation, when you need to think and act...