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Recent heavy rains in and around Roswell, New Mexico caused a great deal of suffering for many individuals in the community. Two days of unusually heavy rain fall in the area, combined with areas of flat land and clay soil spelled disaster for many houses with poor insulation and tragically, the recently established Veteran’s Cemetery. American Restoration doesn’t just deal first hand with the devastating effects of flooding and water damage in New Mexico’s homes and businesses, but also actively engages with our clients to make sure they feel reassured, taken care of, and confident in the reconstruction of their lives.

With the chance of windy, colder, and rainier weather reaching Southeastern New Mexico in the next several weeks, stretching from Artesia, to Roswell, and even as far west as Ruidoso, it is important to be prepared for the possibility of flooding in the area. With New Mexico’s monsoon season fast on its way, as well, taking steps now to prepare for heavy rains means you won’t have to worry about home damage later on. Making sure you have a plan in place that includes safety concerns for your family and pets, an inventory of valuable household items, and the contact information of 24-hour disaster remediation specialists.

American Restoration offers extensive, competent and compassionate disaster response 24-hours a day, seven days a week. Though we are based in Albuquerque, we service the whole state of New Mexico, and have just set up new offices in Artesia to better service the area. In general, we will arrive anywhere in the state within two hours. In fact, last September when many inches of rain pounded the ground around Roswell, we set up camp in Southeastern New Mexico and provided essential guidance and services to area families. We offer a full range of services, from inventorying furniture and other belongings to providing insight into processes like mold remediation.

This spring and through monsoon season, the experts at American Restoration advise the residents of Southeastern New Mexico to prepare their homes well in order to prevent possible damage to your home and precious belongs. For ideas on how to prevent and prepare for disaster, browse American Restoration’s blog or get in touch with our flood and fire damage repair specialists.